Real data for smart decisions

We’re creating mobile sensor networks to produce air quality data that truly reflects the movements and lives of everyday people

Monitoring as a service

Our offering has three elements, all included in a monthly subscription

  • Our devices can be fixed or mobile, giving us the flexibility to install to gather the right data, for example mounting on street furniture or vehicles;
  • we process the raw data with our proprietary algorithms
  • we visualise the data, in a way that our customers can to take actionable, informed decisions

Cost-effective and accurate

​Current sensor networks are sparse, costly and rely on modelling for most of their output.

Our mobile sensors create a much richer, spatially-diverse picture of air quality. The devices transmit data every 60 seconds; as the vehicles move around the city in a random fashion, a very granular Air Quality map of the city emerges.

Screenshot 2018-07-02 at 13.42.01

Combined with an array of fixed monitors, our network of devices generates real-data maps at much lower prices than present systems.

Technical specs of our device

Full Technical Specifications here

Download (pdf)

Who uses AirPublic

  • Organicity – EU-funded project, mapping air quality in London’s West End
  • Grey Coat School – Measuring daily variability of NO2 in the playground of a Central London secondary school
  • Imperial College – Study to measure the mitigation effect of flora at Overground stations
  • Croydon Council – Measuring emissions caused by construction work in a large £5.5bn regeneration 10-year programme.

The team

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The four co-founders combine experience in software development, data science, administration, community engagement and business skills.

Get in Touch

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